While at Dualchas Architects Photography by Huntley Hedworth

The site was the former walled garden of the neighbour’s house, a beautiful wild flower meadow on sandy soil. It was decided to site the house along the road to maintain the view to the sea for the neighbour but also to help establish a street. This location has left a south facing garden now lovingly developed into a flower and vegetable garden by the new owners.

The house is built on 4 levels as a response to the site but also to the progress through the house. The entrance contains the utility and storage spaces with 2 guest bedrooms and a shower room, the second level is the main living and kitchen space. It looks out over the sound to Mull and has a more generous ceiling height. The boy’s level is next with a shared play area leading up to the adult’s private space in the attic.

“The house was delivered ahead of schedule and on budget despite the added complexity of a remote island location. We feel that this reflects Mary’s dedication to her work and capacity to drive things through.”